The surface and beneath the surface

Purpose, Goals, Destinations

Quite fittingly, and is so often the case, where I ended up by the time I finished writing this meditation is not where I thought I was headed. The word of the day is destination and the realization that when I aim for a goal, not only do I often fall short but that I’ve fallen short so often that I now habitually begin with what some might term a defeatist attitude. It hasn’t always been thus. I remember some projects that turned out differently, where a collaboration took me further than I had initially conceived. That was amazing.

Sail Away

My brother’s boat, the Arran Mor, a Catalina 30. The photo is from a summer past. I’m no sailor, myself, but I appreciate the beauty of the angles.

Books I Need

Dusty books on a bookshelf

Reacquainting myself with old books…sometimes I find just the book I need now.

Exploring Potential

Dad taught me to explore the limits of the machine. Plane crash. Skidding my car.

Christmas Gifts

On the second day of Christmas, my truelove gave to me….

Resolutions 2020

We can never know the future. Yet we plan ahead expecting continuity.

Seeds of Motivation

Audience • Deliverable • Deadline


Creating a sense of both novelty and familiarity.

Duralex Tumblers

A search rewarded after 20 years of looking.

Noting vs Scheduling

Differentiate between identifying tasks and scheduling them.

My Daily Practice

In our society, we’re pressured to be productive, to produce something to show for our work (even in play). All the “be effective” advice is about setting goals. But no one talks much about what to do when we achieve our goals. Everyone seems intent on immediately moving on to the next thing. At the beginning of 2020, I realized I needed to reframe the argument between those who advise

Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe at Epoch Cafe.

El Capitan Lookout

Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Figuratively, not literally.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel isn’t a bad movie. It’s merely a sufficient movie.

The Scones Tour

London: Science Museum