Life in the 21st Century

Observations on life in the 21st century.

UX: WeWork

Designing corporate culture through architecture, physical and social.

Lifehacks: The State of Readiness

The difference between idleness and readiness.

Social Networks: On Sharing

Giving is not about the benefit to you but about the benefit to your recipient. The trick is to change the focus from yourself to your audience.

Trading on Your Good Name

When you focus on building a reputation, your concerns — the kind of tools you design to do that — are different than when you focus on building relationships.

SXSW 2011: Jinriksha

The new economy.


“The masked-ball period of the Internet is ending.”

Tweeting SXSWi

Recently I’ve noticed in movies or TV shows that during a lecture every college student is rapidly typing away on a laptop. As a teacher, I think I would find it very disturbing. I’d wonder, are they taking notes or messaging friends? Are they mentally present at all? How does one even speak to a room of people whose eyes are focused elsewhere? Where’s the physical and emotional feedback when

iPhone, A Day in the Life

Great technology redefines a task so completely that we change our behavior, not because we are forced to adapt to the technology but because the technology provides us with new ways to interact with the world and to do things we never imagined doing before.

Yes We Can

Yes We Can

No More Phoning Home

Time to trade in some old concepts: residential phone out; personal cell phone in.

False Economy

Music or ice cream?

Whole Foods Market

They tore up a parking lot and built something wonderful.

Blogs Rule, MSM Drool

A clip from Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” on blogs and Jeff Gannon.

Eyes Wide Open

Memorial to those who died in the line of duty.


Thrift is a true American value.