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Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe at Epoch Cafe.

Difference is not Deformity


La Estancia San Gregorio, Chile. 2015-03-18


Experimenting with photos, albums, and galleries.

Observing and Observed

One reason I’m usually behind the camera is that I don’t like to be in front of it. So I’m not likely to pose in front of the sights I’m seeing to take a snap to prove I’ve been there. And selfies belong to a younger mindset. However, I enjoy watching other people do that thanks to some inspiration from +Mee Ming Wong. Observing observers observe.

All the Leaves Are Brown

Mesoamerican Masks

Perspective changes the shadows and alters the expressions.

Sail Away

My brother’s boat, the Arran Mor, a Catalina 30. The photo is from a summer past. I’m no sailor, myself, but I appreciate the beauty of the angles.