The Scones Tour

The year began with buttermilk biscuits and continued abroad into scone territory. Someone said that scone are just sweet buttermilk biscuits. But they’re not. They’re much more dense…which is why it’s best to drown them in cream and jam.


Scones at Grasmere Tea Gardens
At Grasmere Tea Gardens.

Gladstone Library

Afternoon Tea at Gladstone Library

Our favorite afternoon tea was at the Gladstone Library. Just the right amount of everything so that we left well-satisfied but not too stuffed to walk around town. We did flag a little as we forced ourselves through the last couple of desserts.

The V&A

Scones at the Victoria and Albert Museum

As museum food goes, the cafe at the Victoria and Albert excelled. You can have afternoon tea here, too. But we were pressed for time.

London: St. Pancras Tea

Afternoon Tea at St. Pancras Hotel

Afternoon tea as an experience. Although the service, food, and atmosphere was exceptional, it wasn’t really our cup of tea (despite our having two different kinds). It was just too much. Too much sweet. Too expensive.

I’m glad we did it once, but I wouldn’t be tempted to do it again.

Other Pies

Meat Pies from the Cumbrian Pie Company

We picked up some meat pies from the Cumbrian Pie Company acquired at the Knutsford Makers Market. And some of those Portuguese egg custard tarts (Pastéis de Nata) that he likes.

Gingerbread and hot chocolate from the Courtyard Coffee ouse

For a change, gingerbread in Knutsford at the Courtyard Coffee House. And a very creamy hot chocolate. Lesson Learned: Before you order hot chocolate, find out whether the restaurant makes it with milk or water. Most do the latter. But here they used milk and topped it with cream. My favorite.