Travel: England

The Scones Tour

London: Science Museum

Damson Lane

I was surprised that the trees were still not leafed out so late in spring.

English Public Footpaths

In England public footpaths designate a legally protected right of way across private lands.


A stroll around the old market town of Nantwich.


Present and past.

Field of Rape

English summer. Related to turnips but a variety grown for its seed, rapeseed, which produces a high-quality vegetable oil. These turnip greens were the plant Rapunzel’s mother coveted during her pregnancy (hence Rapunzel’s name, little turnip girl)…a not unusual craving even among the non-pregnant in cold countries where the first greens of spring (such as dandelions) provided vitamins lacking in a winter diet. In the 1970s Canadians came up with


Elizabeth Gaskell.
Oxford University Press.
ISBN 0-19-283209-3
Originally published as a series of stories between 1851 and 1853, and then as a book in 1853. This edition includes an excellent introduction, a chronology of Elizabeth Gaskell’s life, and an essential section of explanatory notes.

Castle Howard

Can fictional characters leave ghosts?


To Whitby to see where Dracula lurked in England.

Lake District: Crinkle Crags

After a bracing English breakfast we spend the day on the fells.


Treading in the footsteps of the Brontes.

Little Moreton Hall

An afternoon at England’s best example of Tudor timber-framed manor. Discover a new food.

Mobberley: The Church Inn

Our neighborhood pub in its 6th century of operation.


Through the Marble Arch.