The surface and beneath the surface

Damson Lane

I was surprised that the trees were still not leafed out so late in spring.

ATX: And Justice for All

December 6, 2016. Congress Ave. Austin, Texas. Taken on my walk to the post office.

Hygge: Danish Comfort versus American Shame

The lesson I see in this sudden interest in the UK and the USA of hygge, is the recognition that the middle class is disappearing and as these comforts become more rare they are more valued.

Midnight Diner

Netflix has come out with a 10-episode season of Midnight Diner, which began as an award-winning manga, then a Japanese TV series and feature film. Like the filmAn this series is quiet, quirky, and offbeat…mixing food, of course, with characters a bit on the edge of Japanese society but entirely recognizable as classic Japanese characters. Tokyo is said to be not so much a big city as a collection of small villages

An (Sweet Bean)

“We were born into this world to see it and to listen to it.”

Failure is Inevitable

The engineering mindset is a disciplined approach to testing for failure.

Applied Minds

The process of engineering requires a disciplined approach to problem-solving: modeling solutions, testing them, improving upon them or dismissing them.

Engineering Mindset

The approach in an engineered house is to first ask, “What do you do?” and then to design a house that enables you to do those things comfortably and well.

Your Engineered House

The title of this collection is from a book I read in youth, a book whose ideas have taken root over decades and are just now coming into flower.

Guns, Gold, Guitars

Bikes, Babes, and BBQ

Lifehacks: The State of Readiness

The difference between idleness and readiness.

I Knead Practice

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Matched Set

An object is simultaneously itself and a symbol of something else, an association made by the person perceiving the object.

Ninja Style, Kung Fu Grip

Evening walk around the lake. We’re having an unusually warm and dry winter.

How Rude!

Communication styles…there is no one right way to interact. What’s natural for me might not be natural for you.