The surface and beneath the surface

Matched Set

An object is simultaneously itself and a symbol of something else, an association made by the person perceiving the object.

Purpose, Goals, Destinations

Quite fittingly, and is so often the case, where I ended up by the time I finished writing this meditation is not where I thought I was headed. The word of the day is destination and the realization that when I aim for a goal, not only do I often fall short but that I’ve fallen short so often that I now habitually begin with what some might term a defeatist attitude. It hasn’t always been thus. I remember some projects that turned out differently, where a collaboration took me further than I had initially conceived. That was amazing.

Sail Away

My brother’s boat, the Arran Mor, a Catalina 30. The photo is from a summer past. I’m no sailor, myself, but I appreciate the beauty of the angles.

Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe at Epoch Cafe.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Figuratively, not literally.

The Scones Tour

Time for tea.

Dove Cottage

Dove Cottage

I finally make time to visit Dove Cottage and it was closed for renovation.

Lake District: Elterwater to Grasmere

A nearly solitary walk from Elterwater to Grasmere.

Lake District: Langdale Pikes

721 Congress Ave

Difference is not Deformity


La Estancia San Gregorio, Chile. 2015-03-18

UX: WeWork

Designing corporate culture through architecture, physical and social.


Experimenting with photos, albums, and galleries.

Women Work: Computer Programmers

The explicit discrimination in seeking a corporate “culture fit”.

Sorting Books

If you love it, keep it. If you don’t, don’t. Make room for the things you love.

Distinctions: Squash vs Quash

Words: Squash vs Quash You squash bugs. You quash rumors. ———— Change: “The about-to-launch campaign was also squashed by Mayor Boris Johnson.” ———— Technically squash can be used in place of quash (to put an end to; suppress). But isn’t it nicer to make the distinction?

Writing Systems

Where do I start?