Yosemite: Half Dome Hike

The journey, not the destination.

Death Valley

07:13. We arrive at the pay station (and very smelly restroom) into Death Valley National Park. Zabriskie Point is about ten miles away. Zabriskie Point 07:28. We’ve seen a single car which went past us while we were stopped at the pay station. Suddenly on our left there is a parking lot filled with cars. I see the sign, Zabriskie Point, and remembering the name of the movie suggest we

Old Calton Burial Ground

2007-06-29. Old Calton Burial Ground.

Central Park

Castle Howard

Can fictional characters leave ghosts?


To Whitby to see where Dracula lurked in England.

Lake District: Crinkle Crags

After a bracing English breakfast we spend the day on the fells.

Lake District: Silver How

A walk alone to Silver How…through Grasmere…and back to Langdale.


Treading in the footsteps of the Brontes.

Little Moreton Hall

An afternoon at England’s best example of Tudor timber-framed manor. Discover a new food.

Mobberley: The Church Inn

Our neighborhood pub in its 6th century of operation.

Sierraville, California

Happily, none of us are weighed down by that sense of modesty that seems peculiar to many Americans.

Lake Tahoe 2005

Up early…wild and domesticated animals…pancakes in Truckee…plague at Lake Tahoe.

Truckee, California

postcard: Truckee
Postcard: Main Street, Truckee
Adventures in Truckee: Joys of “Coffee And”…the Rocking Stone…candied apples.

Loyalton, California

Children raised by a village.