The Kitchen Sink

Dateline: 2006-03-02

AJM would say that we began the kitchen destruction project because he wanted a dishwasher and one thing led to another. I, however, would have been happy with just a new sink. The existing white porcelain sink is so pitted and stained that no amount of scrubbing cleans it, although I have discovered that Drano removes the worst stains. On top of that there is a problem with the plumbing. Every time the washing machine drains, the kitchen sink backs up.

photo: old kitchen sink

Our main problem in moving forward with the kitchen remodel has been the overwhelming choices available. Dishwashers, sinks, countertops, stoves, ovens, cabinetry…where do we start? The only thing we’ve agreed on wholeheartedly is that we both want bamboo floors.

This week I set out with the resolve to buy a dishwasher and I ended up with a sink. After visiting Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Sears, I sent several sink specs to AJM to print. He came home waving one and said, “I like this sink.” I brightened, “I like that sink, too….but it’s the most expensive one.” “Let’s just make a decision. Let’s just get something.”

So we bought an extraordinarily expensive sink. I found it online for almost $300 off the list price. I like it because it has one big sink that I can put my biggest baking pan in. AJM likes it because it has a built in drainboard. And we both like the style. AJM makes a lot of pasta and given that today’s his birthday, I went ahead and bought the built-in colander, too.

It is our first purchase for the new kitchen. Now all we need is some base cabinets and a counter to mount it on. And a faucet. And a sink trap. And a garbage disposal. And a plumber…

But it’s a start. We’ve made a start!

Update: 2006-03-04

The kitchen sink arrived today via FedEx, just two days after I ordered it (even though I specified the cheapest shipping option available.) The original packing box was slipped into another cardboard box for shipping. Given the dents on the box, this was a good thing. The sink arrived in perfect condition and is just what I ordered.

So based on this purchase, I can recommend Ira Wood & Sons: Fine Home & Outdoor Wholesaler. I’m relieved that this purchase went so well and I will be checking them out again.

2 Responses to “The Kitchen Sink”

  1. M2 Responds:

    Wow. That is an amazing, fantastic sink. Congratulations on the first (fun) victory of the remodel!

  2. Kathy Responds:

    I know what you mean about choices. When we completely gutted and rebuilt our bathroom, I just about had panic attacks trying to decide what to get. I am always appalled by how much things cost, at the same time knowing that quality will save money in the long run, simultaneously recognizing that inferior products can masquerade as well made ones. I wasn’t looking for luxury, but durability was extremely important, and I often found myself looking at top-of-the-line, trying hard not to look at the price tag.

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