New Year, New Kitchen

Sometimes you don’t know how far you’ve come until you look back where you’ve been.

In Love with Our Silver Servant

I knew this relationship was too good to last.

Let There Be Light

These old eyes appreciate the extra light.


From asbestos to silica dust, this project is out to kill me.

Walled In

We have walls again but are still working on the floor.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

We’ve turned the corner.

Scope Creep

The plan for a new window necessitates a new wall.

Stripped Bare

We tear out more drywall in anticipation of the electrician coming to rewire in a week or so. I can almost visualize how it might look now.


When close enough, isn’t. You can’t build on a poor foundation. Am I dealing with idiots, or what?

Union Jack Plumbing, Inc.

“The British are Plumbing!” Well, not my Mancunian, but Nick the plumber from Cambridge.

The Kitchen Sink

Everything but

Apprised of the Prizing

When less is more. As Incandragon mentioned, I am eliminating clutter. My approach this year is to eliminate the house. It’s difficult to accumulate clutter when there’s no house to put it in.

Let Me Level With You

My disgust for my kitchen cabinets finally erupted into action. The result is just one of the dangers of leaving a bored wife home alone weekend after weekend.

Elegant Toilet

Working guest bathroom: plumber diagnostic visit and dismantling of existing toilet, $97.00; seal, $1.65; toilet flap, $2.00; toilet seat, $5.00; J-bend sink trap and extenstion, $10.00. Total: $115.65.

Destructive Tendencies

Extreme remodelling. Or, if this counter offends thee, cut it off.