Domestic Partnership

11:30. In room 222 of the Travis County Courthouse, AJM and I registered as Domestic Partners. We have talked about doing it before, but are now forced to as it is a prerequisite to my being able to sign up under his medical insurance at work. The process was ridiculously easy. We said we wanted to register, we handed the clerk our driver’s licenses, she typed our names into a templatized form on the computer and printed it out, we signed it, and handed her $9.00. She didn’t ask us any questions about our relationship, previous marital status, or citizenship. It was only in reading the form, afterward, that we found out what we had signed up for. We paid another $6.00 for a certified copy to send to the insurance company. The entire process took less than 15 minutes (as we didn’t have to wait at all in line).

Update: October 24, 2004

Reader. I married him.

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