Patagonia: Monte Almirante Nieto

photo: Monte Almirante Nieto

Early snowfall on Almirante Nieto. We are just about to enter the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine after a long, bumpy, dusty bus ride.

Note: “Almirante Nieto was the first mountain climbed in Torres del Paine park in 1937 by German climbers Hans Teufel and Stefan Zuck, of the Bavarian Mountain Club. These brave explorers reached the summit east, by climbing the northeast edge in front of the three Towers of Paine. Almirante Nieto Mountain, with an elevation 2670 meters, is a seven-day climb in total.”

If I post a random photo from my trip to Patagonia every day, it will take four years to get through them all. After which, I may be able to afford another vacation.