Oregon Coast Highway

Highway 101, Sea Lion Caves Overlook

From Eugene, we drove west to Florence and the Pacific coast to drive north on Highway 101. We pulled off the first overlook we came to, at the Sea Lion Caves. When I think of the ocean, this is what I imagine. This was my first time to see the Oregon coast in life. It did not disappoint.

Update 15 May 2016

Looking at this photo now, it feels strange that I took it, that I was standing there, even though it was just a couple of weeks ago. It hardly looks real. I always wish I could just stay in one place and look out at the landscape, for hours or even days…to see it in all its moods and seasons.

Unfortunately when I’m traveling, I’m always being rushed forward to be to some other spot, to see some other thing…or sometimes just to find a bathroom and some lunch.