Applied Minds

The process of engineering requires a disciplined approach to problem-solving: modeling solutions, testing them, improving upon them or dismissing them.

Engineering Mindset

The approach in an engineered house is to first ask, “What do you do?” and then to design a house that enables you to do those things comfortably and well.

Your Engineered House

The title of this collection is from a book I read in youth, a book whose ideas have taken root over decades and are just now coming into flower.

Purpose, Goals, Destinations

Quite fittingly, and is so often the case, where I ended up by the time I finished writing this meditation is not where I thought I was headed. The word of the day is destination and the realization that when I aim for a goal, not only do I often fall short but that I’ve fallen short so often that I now habitually begin with what some might term a defeatist attitude. It hasn’t always been thus. I remember some projects that turned out differently, where a collaboration took me further than I had initially conceived. That was amazing.