The Pleasure of New Words

Every day I spend an hour or so learning new words. For me the practice is a type of meditation: an investigation into meaning, signs and significance; comparing and contrasting concepts via two different sets of words. I learn a lot about my native tongue (English) as I dip my mind into other modes of expression (Japanese).

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m not just wasting time. I have always rationalized my hobby as no more time-wasting than playing games or watching TV. Now science confirms I’m having as much fun as sex and drugs without the hangover or pregnancy! Woot!

Today’s word: 意 

Sense, feeling, meaning. Literally, the sound of one’s heart. Listen to it and you will understand your…

  •    意向 inclination (what direction you sense you’re leaning)
  •    意図 intention (whatever you’ve “mapped” out, by design)
  •    意味 meaning, significance (you can almost taste it)
  •    意地 disposition (your base, the foundation of your character, what “grounds” you)
  •    意志 volition, will (including free will, weak-willed, strong-willed)
  •    意見 opinion (viewpoint)

Damn! I need a cigarette.


The Pleasure of Learning New Words


GPlus Discussion

Oct 31, 2014

Tormod Renberg Lerøy
I applaud your conclusion. Smoke em if you got em 🙂

It is a wonderful feeling.