Hugo (3D)

Any sense of wonder was more cerebral than heartfelt…which was okay by us. However, it didn’t really seem like a “fun for the whole family” movie. The joys were too abstract for children and too childish for adults. We found it interesting but not great and in many places just too contrived. The bits of the Scorcese documentary on film, which the Alamo was running as a prelude, interested both of us more. Both of us preferred the scenes of Georges Méliès making film. That’s the real feast for the imagination.

Also, I detest characters such as Sasha Cohen’s–the one-dimensional evil which exists only as a convenient roadblock to the course of the story. This is such lazy writing and it bothers me especially in movies targeted toward children because it talks down to them. I hated it in Disney films when I was a child and I hate it now.


Lukewarm recommendation. Good set design. Wrong story focus.

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