Big Bend: Lost Mines Trail

photo: Big Bend Lost Mines Trail

About 2PM, even though it is still foggy, we decide to try the second hike along Lost Mines trail. After all, some of our most successful hikes in the Lake District have been where we could see only 15 feet ahead, so we don’t have any idea of how much more we have to go through.

photo: Big Bend Lost Mines Trail

It remains misty the entire hike up and when we reach the top, the sun comes out. Some people already there said we were pretty lucky. They had been waiting two hours for a view. And the view is certainly worth the hike. I don’t know if I would have been as happy about the experience if the sun hadn’t come out.

photo: Big Bend Lost Mines Trail

On the way down, we get to see all the sites we had missed going up. We were surprised that the basin and the lodge were right there below us all the time. We agreed that it was nice going up without knowing–we felt more like adventurers, even though our adventure was no more treacherous than Winnie-the-Pooh’s expedition to the North Pole.

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  1. margaret Responds:

    However many hikes `I have done in the English Lake District (and over the years there have been very many) I don’t think I have ever seen views like those in your photographs. Big Bend must be a truly awe-inspiring place.

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