The surface and beneath the surface

I Knead Practice

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Matched Set

An object is simultaneously itself and a symbol of something else, an association made by the person perceiving the object.

Ninja Style, Kung Fu Grip

Evening walk around the lake. We’re having an unusually warm and dry winter.

How Rude!

Communication styles…there is no one right way to interact. What’s natural for me might not be natural for you.


After our talk about great films*, I decided I needed to go out to the movies more…because I used to enjoy the experience of seeing film in a cinema so much and somewhere along the way, I got out of the habit of it. So I walked over to the Violet Crown and got the last seat for Carol. I was underimpressed. The acting was fine, the period sets and

The Martian

Adapt or die.

Virtues of Ben Franklin

“Either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” — Ben Franklin

Brooklyn: Prospect Park

After coffee and croissants at Cafe Martin, we spent three hours wandering through Prospect Park, enjoying a perfectly clear blue autumn sky and the fall foliage for which New England is famous. The light! Now, back in Austin all I see are drippy gray skies and dull green. The temperatures were in the mid-70s, a bit warm for Brooklyn for the beginning of November.

User Experience

2015-10-08 17:42:53-0400 – Updated: 2016-10-28 13:29:24-0400 My Engineered House: User Experience My multi-year involvement with another project has finally drawn to a close. Now I have the luxury of being able to turn my full attention to the next big commitment: building a house. The idea was planted in our heads a couple of years ago but it’s only just begun to take hold in our hearts. We’ve lived in

Writing as Inquiry

I can’t think unless I put pen to paper.

5th Avenue

…more ominous than inviting: the female figure objectified and faceless, no eyes to see; the sneering herd of male figures leering down on her from above; the passerby on the street looking in. The reflection of other windows. Who gazes down at us unseen from those windows? And I behind my own lens and filter, hidden from view provide the window that constrains your gaze.

Cultivating Delight

One of my continuing interests has always been what the physical objects which we create and with which we surround ourselves say about us, both as individuals and as a society. Who does not walk into someone else’s living space and eye the collection of books, or music, or video to help form some opinion of the person who lives there? Our possessions are both archival (what we treasure about

Going Light with Backpack or Burro

Before I left on my trip to Patagonia, I came across this delightful little book at Recycled Reads. Written in 1951 by various members of the Sierra Club of San Francisco (the focus audience being people exploring the National Parks of the American West), the editor, David R. Brower, prefaces the sixth printing in 1962 with this message. “More than a decade later (and six printings later, each helped by

Journey or Destination

Every photograph is a mini-destination, a momentary stopping point frozen in time. Thoughts on two scenes on Ruta 9 headed toward Puerta Natales, Chile.

Patagonia: Torres del Paine

To the theme of Hokusai’s One Hundred Views of Mt. Fuji.

photo: Torres del Paine