Pilgrim Thoughts

I’ve always loved walking alone and thinking. I do that in the garden now instead, but when I lived in Japan, (where I had no car and had to walk to work and the grocery store and the post office), I loved walking lost in my own thoughts. I even wrote an essay about it: pilgrim and peregrination both come from the same root word meaning wandering…as I wandered, my thoughts wandered. I find it very relaxing…a way of examining the day, almost as if dreaming.

When I lived in a condo, though, I used to go for walks around Town Lake with a friend from work. These were “walking and talking” types of walks which I also liked a lot. I always thought I’d go on long walking talks with the love of my life. But this hasn’t worked out with AJM. Just the opposite of GG, walks are fun with AJM only when we have a specific destination…like when we were hiking in the Lake District.

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