The Do It Yourself Bible

“Hmmm. The Do It Yourself Bible.” That’s what AJM said as he picked up a book and settled back on the couch.

“The Do It Yourself Bible?”

“Yeah. You know. Pick ten commandments from the list below.”

“Specify type of god: 1) just; 2) merciful; 3) lusty; 4) trickster.”

“Specify gender of god: 1) male; 2) female; 3) god is an all-encompassing spiritual entity for which gender is irrelevent.”

“Specify afterlife: 1) everlasting reward for the good, everlasting punishment for the bad; 2) try and try again, until you get it right; 3) your sense of identity is an illusion which prevents you from participating in the true nature of god.”

Turns out it was the DIY Bible of Home Maintenance and Repair.

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