Sunday Brunch

Afterward, we all went out for Sunday brunch at the original Z’Tejas. You know, I used to go out for Sunday brunch all the time.

When we were kids and lived in the Philippines, my parents used to take me and Mark and Matt to the Officer’s Club every Sunday after Mass. The tables all had white tablecloths and cloth napkins. And my Dad would limit us to one 6 ounce glass of orange juice a piece which we would always end up drinking before our breakfasts arrived, no matter how hard we tried to take little sips to make it last.

photo: Melissa and Mike

When I grew up, Sunday brunch was still a special treat. I’d order eggs benedict and drink cafe mit schlagg at Sweetish Hill. Nowadays just the thought of eggs benedict clogs my arteries, and alas, I’ve given up coffee. However, we did have mimosas. Sunday brunch is just another excuse to drink champagne.

photo: Melissa and Alex

Hanging out with a few good friends at Sunday brunch was great fun. We really should do it more often.

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