Stewing in the local broth


Experimenting with photos, albums, and galleries.

And Justice for All

December 6, 2016. Congress Ave. Austin, Texas. Taken on my walk to the post office.

Guns, Gold, Guitars

Cash America Pawn

Bikes, Babes, and BBQ

Ninja Style, Kung Fu Grip

Evening walk around the lake. We’re having an unusually warm and dry winter.

Central Market Alt.Chips

Central Market needs a newsgroup: alt.chips

ATX: Bike Rack

The fairies have been making sculptures with the bike racks again.

Fran’s Hamburgers

Let the good times roll.

Play Me, I’m Yours: Austin 2011

When I walked up to the post office, I stumbled across a couple of pianos.

SXSW 2011: Jinriksha

The new economy.

Tweeting SXSWi

Recently I’ve noticed in movies or TV shows that during a lecture every college student is rapidly typing away on a laptop. As a teacher, I think I would find it very disturbing. I’d wonder, are they taking notes or messaging friends? Are they mentally present at all? How does one even speak to a room of people whose eyes are focused elsewhere? Where’s the physical and emotional feedback when

SXSWi 2010

“The real voyage of discovery is not to seek new landscapes but to look upon the world with fresh eyes.” –Proust

Butler Park

About 9 last night I remembered that I’d seen that the fencing had been removed around Town Lake Park. So AJM and I walked down and took a stroll through Austin’s newest park. We were not alone. Couples lingered here and there under the full moon. We stood at the top of the observation mound and exclaimed our love for Austin.

Austin Motel

So close, yet so far out.Or to quote another South Austin motto. “We’re all here because we’re not all there.” Another great sign from the mid-twentieth century motels that once lined Congress Avenue. This one saved and restored. The History of the Austin Motel

Alamo House

I’m biased towards novels that evoke a concrete sense of place. Bram Stoker described Whitby so accurately that I felt giddy with recognition when I saw it. Fiction makes familiar the streets of San Francisco, the burroughs of New York, and the glitter of LA. However, portrayals of Smalltown, USA, tend more toward the metaphorical than the actual. Curious about how other writers set their works in a mid-sized city

Union Jack Plumbing, Inc.

“The British are Plumbing!” Well, not my Mancunian, but Nick the plumber from Cambridge.