January 19th, 2002
Planning the Vegetable Garden

Time to think about planting the vegetable garden.

There’s nothing like receiving a gardening catalog to stir up a gardener’s blood. As soon as I began to leaf through the 2002 catalog from the Territorial Seed Company that came in today’s mail, I felt urge to go out and clean up the mess of last year’s garden. Yes. I’m terribly behind. I’ve been so busy on other gardening projects that the vegetable garden has been neglected, almost since we came back from England last summer.

Inspired by the Square Foot gardening concept, I decided to map out the vegetable garden more precisely. So, before I could tear out the remains of last year’s plants, I measured off where they were and drew a map. (This is to help me with my “crop rotation”).

That was the extent of my planning, for today. I spent the rest of the day raking leaves and pulling out old tomato plants. More cleaning up in store tomorrow. I hope to turn over the beds. (It’s not that my garden is very big, only that I’m rather slow and not very strong.)

by M Sinclair Stevens

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