January 19th, 2002
Territorial Seed Company

Catalog Review: Territorial Seed Company

Each year it’s a toss-up whether I will order my vegetable garden seeds from Shepherd’s Garden Seeds or the Territorial Seed Company. Usually Shepherd’s wins because by the time I decide what I want to order, it is to late to wait for a shipment, and Shepherd’s seeds are carried at several nurseries in Austin.

But this year I will probably try the Territorial Seed Company. I’d prefer to support a smaller seed company rather than another White Flower Farms subsidiary. I don’t have any complaint with Shepherd’s. They introduced me to my favorite tomato, Carmello, and my favorite basil, Genovese.

The 2002 Territorial Seed Company’s spring catalog is 85 pages on non-glossy paper. There are many color photos, but not of every variety. Rather than a lot of pretty pictures, the catalog contains a lot of “how to grow” information alongside the descriptions of particular varieties. The catalog is arranged into categories: vegetables (48 pages), flowers (14 pages), herbs (5 pages), fruit (2 pages) and gardening supplies (16 pages).

* 21 varieties of garlic

Most Unusual
* seeds for stinging nettle

2002 Wish List

Cannellini beans $1.55/$2.25 p. 6
Soybeans p. 7
Carrots p. 10
Garlic p. 16-18
Luffa $3.65 p.27

by M Sinclair Stevens

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