February 28th, 2002
In Bloom Calendar

What’s blooming in Austin?

I’ve completed another overhaul to the In Bloom calendar. I’ve separated each month into its own calendar page (and file) because the year-long calendar was getting too large to read and to maintain.

These changes required that I then update the four seasons pages as well. Now each season links to the In Bloom calendars and to the weekly garden diary pages for the associated months.

Here’s an example. A Central Austin Garden | Spring


I’ve updated the “In Bloom” calendar to show entries month by month for the entire year.

This week the Lantana montevidensis is flowering very well in both my yard and my neighbor’s. They are almost the only flower blooming, although here and there I find a stray pale pavonia or rose. Most of the color interest in the garden is from berries and foliage. The nandina berries are now bright red. The foliage on the crape myrtle and Japanese persimmon is orange and yellow. And the red oaks are just beginning to turn deep red.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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