February 14th, 2004
White Valentine’s

photo: snow on nandina

It snowed last night! The snow began melting at 4AM and by the time the sun and I were up at 8AM, it was almost gone. We scooped enough off the cars to have a snowball fight before going to Central Market.

It looks like Dallas got quite a bit more snow than we did in Austin.

I’ve never had a white Christmas, but now I’ve had a white Valentine’s Day.

by M Sinclair Stevens

3 Responses to post “White Valentine’s”

  1. From margaret:

    I don’t think I realised that snow fell in Austin at all. Very attractive photo. Have you ever thought of submitting any of your photographs to the RHS?

  2. From bill:

    It actually snowed in Houston one year in the early 80’s when I was living there.

  3. From dodo:

    do u knw there is another meaning for “white valentine”? it’s sth happen in japan on 14th of March.. check it out dude.