January 16th, 2007
Snow! Snow! Snow!


About 10AM, large flakes fell for an hour or so. I can’t tear my eyes away from them.

We’ve gotten mostly ice, so far. Luckily we haven’t had the terrible weather that Oklahoma experienced. But it’s put a crimp on the inaugural events today. Everyone is told to stay home and we (who have been through this before in Austin) know better than to go out. It feels like a holiday. AJM works from home and I try to keep out of his way by reading in bed under the electric blanket.

by M Sinclair Stevens

5 Responses to post “Snow! Snow! Snow!”

  1. From Pam/Digging (Austin):

    Isn’t the snow great? I’ve been staring out the window too. I took some pics of the garden this morning when it was mostly just ice, and I’ll be posting them soon. But I’d love to see an inch of snow, or more, by tomorrow.

    Wow. You commented even before I was sure I had the little movie working. (Oops! AJM says it’s not working–I’ll have to use YouTube! The snow is lovely and it is starting to fall again. I have wonderful icicles decorating the patio, too. I’ll be posting more photos…I don’t know how to take good photos of ice and snow so I’m experimenting. The ice is weighing heavily on the three rose bushes just budding. I tried to shake some of it off ‘Blush Noisette’ and she bit me. Three drops of blood in the snow; I felt like Snow White’s mother. Poor ‘Blush Noisette’ had three little pink buds frozen solid. No wonder she’s testy. — mss

  2. From KAT (California):

    Your little movie works just fine–and it is so exciting! Wow! We’ve been having an extra cold spell here in LA. I believe in having a little winter weather, but 4-5 nights at freezing are too 3-4 nights too many! But snow…it almost never happens here.

  3. From Pam/Digging (Austin):

    Yep, the movie worked fine for me. But now I see you’ve posted more text. It does feel like a holiday to have everyone home. Of course, the kids will have to make up their snow days in the spring, alas.

    I’m always updating and editing posts. I’m a great proponent of rewriting. — mss

  4. From r sorrell (Austin):

    When the snow started falling at my house, I ran around on my back porch for a while with a pan, trying (unsuccessfully) to catch a few good snowflakes.

  5. From Carol:

    You do get snow in Austin! And just a little bit brings the city to a screeching halt, it seems. The ice is the worst. I can drive on snow, no big deal, but ice is bad no matter where you are and no matter how used to it you are.

    Yep. We get a little bit of everything down here. The snow is rare enough that the citizens wander around, eyes to the skies, arms outstretched, muttering, “What is this stuff?” and the city government warns everyone to stay home because NO ONE knows how to drive on it. — mss