June 6th, 2004
Memorable Weather

I knew stuff was happening without me.

Typical for the day in Austin, Memorial Day brought on the weather. We hit our first 100 degree day of 2004 (a bit of a surprise since we only hit 90 a few days before). Then it began pouring rain, then hail (bean-sized). Then the sun shone and it continued to rain and hail.

We had scattered thunderstorms throughout the week. Just as we’d tucked into bed around midnight on Friday (6/4), it really poured. Thunder bounced of the downtown buildings across Town Lake and one crack of lightning hit so close that I jumped out of bed with a curse. The electricity had gone off up and down the street and the surge protectors were beeping anxiously. When the electricity came on at 5:30 Saturday morning (thank you, road crews), we discovered that the DSL router had been fried. Thus, no internet, email, weblog updates or surfing for about twelve hours. Strange how quickly one feels cut off. What’s happening out there!?! Then…

AJM: “Ronald Reagan died.”
MSS: “You mean our internet connection’s back up?”

by M Sinclair Stevens

2 Responses to post “Memorable Weather”

  1. From Don (Indiana):

    I actually have 4-5 bluebonnets that are blooming in my garden.

    Not enough mass (or height of flower bracket stalk) to make one notice, but given I have not seen these flowers since 1994, they make me very happy.

    My larkspur is doing well, the other seeded flower big on my list this year.

    We went through a brief dry period in Indy, and are now in the midst of a monsoon. It was raining when I got up this morning and it just stopped.

  2. From Rob (Pennsylvania):

    I was delighted to come across your website. I’ve been spending most of my free (non-daylight-hours) time this year getting a website for my own garden up and running, and yours is an inspiration for me–I’ll be returning often (would you mind me putting up a link from my site?).

    Happy gardening.