February 17th, 2012
Meadow: Dry Year vs Wet Year

Zanthan Gardens meadow.
2008-02-04. Meadow in dry winter.

Zanthan Gardens meadow2012-02-10. Meadow in wet winter.

Compare these two views of the meadow, both taken in early February. In 2008, I transplanted larkspur in neat drifts and there were only a few clumps of cilantro among the clumps of dormant buffalograss.

In 2012, any real flowers are crushed under the weight of overgrown henbit and out-of-control cilantro, which is already about to bolt. There’s no larkspur at all here in the back meadow although it’s already blooming in the front yard.

Of course, I prefer the wet years. I just need to keep ahead of the weeds.

by M Sinclair Stevens

7 Responses to post “Meadow: Dry Year vs Wet Year”

  1. From Jenny Austin:

    Same thing over here. I doubt it but it’s as though every single seed that ever fell on the ground has germinated. Larkspur out of control. Why doesn’t something come and eat it?

  2. From Diana - Austin:

    We really aren’t in charge, are we? Your larkspur are growing happily in my garden this spring. Can’t wait til they bloom.

  3. From Reed:

    Loved the dry winter vs wet winter photos!

    Such an explosion of lush growth! Love it! Really takes the edge out of the winter.

    Hope our winter rains will continue pouring on.

    Thanks and keep up with your good work!

  4. From Shyra @ Garden Shed:

    Is this the cause of climate change? There is surely a great difference on the photo.

  5. From John:

    Lovely winter! Just let the larkspur bloom in your front yard. Think it’s more nice in there. Take care in taking ahead of the weeds. 🙂

  6. From Roberta:

    What a contrast! We are finding all sorts of volunteers in our vegetable garden, a testament to my sloppy seed sowing ways I suppose, or just happy plants that have re-seeded themselves.

  7. From Cheryl in Austin:

    I love the comparison shots…your meadow looks lovely 🙂