April 17th, 2006


No, we didn’t get a perfect score. That’s today’s high. No, that’s not normal. It broke the record for April 17th. It is also the first time we’ve ever broken 100 in April. Or in March. However, it’s not the earliest in the year we hit 100. That was in February, 1996. Should cool down to the 80s by Wednesday the forecasters promise.

We had power outages this afternoon in South Austin. Rumor has it that everyone got home and turned on their air conditioners at the same time. We lost power here twice but only for a couple of minutes each time–just long enough to bring the server down. AJM just got it working again.

I was going to grumble about June weather in April, but now I can moan about August weather in April. I think it’s time to visit Kathy up in her colder climate.

by M Sinclair Stevens

4 Responses to post “100”

  1. From ajm:

    Seems to me like the moaning and whining started a couple of months ago–the first week the temperatures were in the 80s. 🙂

  2. From bill:

    We had rolling blackouts in Dallas in the late afternoon. I left work at 4 after it was blacked out and then drove home through intersections without traffic lights. About 5:30 the blackout hit us at home for about 15 minutes.

    Bill, I heard Dallas topped out at 101. Whew! — mss

  3. From Kathy (New York):

    Well, it was 25 degrees F Monday morning, and since I had neglected to take in my potted rosemary, which I had successfully wintered over in my bedroom, it looked kind of scorched yesterday morning. I had been hardening it off for more than a week, and had even left it out overnight a couple of (above freezing) nights, but it did not like that cold night. I thought rosemary could take some frost. There looks to be some healthy growth near the soil, so I think it will come back . . . I do pity you having to cope with such high temps, but at least you can grow rosemary in the ground. At least I know Bill Hopkins can.

    Kathy, I think we need to find some happy medium. I think our migratory forebears had the right idea. Yep. We can grow rosemary in the ground here in Austin. I have quite a large bush taking over what used to be my vegetable garden. — mss

  4. From nelumbo:

    Yikes. Is this global warming?

    Hi, Nelumbo. Thanks for stopping by. As for global warming, I’m more worried about the ice caps melting than 100 degree temperatures here in Texas. The heat could be connected to the drought or changes to the airstream brought on by El Nino and La Nina. Everything’s connected. — mss