October 31st, 2016
Under Reconstruction


Recovering from server crash

Dateline 2016-10-31

  1. Reinstall WordPress.
  2. Reinstall theme.
  3. Import posts.
  4. Delete spam comments.

Restore Missing Photos

Dateline: 2017-07-21
Our physical server crashed twice and we’ve decided to move the Zanthan Gardens site to the cloud.

Apparently the backup had become corrupted, because hundreds of photos went missing. I could never determine any pattern to what was missing: it wasn’t by date of the post, or folder, or name. In fact, frequently it was one or two photos in series of photos for a single post.

This meant I had to go through each post individually (all 482 published ones) and check. Then I had to get the filename of the missing photos and find them on my laptop. This took four days. And a handful are still missing.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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