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I have 5 different wood sorrels in my yard, but Oxalis drummondii is my favorite. This Hill Country native blooms in the shady neglected spots in my yard. Its penny-sized flower is a more blue-ish pink that the shocking pink Oxalis crassipis. The leaves are proportionally larger than those of the rampant lawn weed. the yellow-flowered Oxalis dillenii. The leaves fold back on themselves like bat wings.

Oxalis drummondii is not at all weedy. It is so delicate and unassuming, I wish it would spread itself around more.

In 2001, I decided to cultivate it a bit. I moved it (while it was blooming) from the middle of the path, where it inconveniently sprouts each year, into the shady south border. Each flower is sprouting from a little bulb, the size of a pachinko ball. I hold my breath, fearing that I might destroy it rather than propagate it. A week later, despite my mistreatment, it is still blooming.

photo: Oxalis drummondii
Photo: Oxalis drummondii. 2003-09-05 Austin, TX.
photo: Oxalis drummondii
Photo: Oxalis drummondii 2001-09-14 Austin, TX.