June 30th, 2011
Crinum gowenii (maybe)

Crinum Gowenii
2011-06-30. Crinum…I don’t know the variety.

The last time these crinums bloomed was in 2005. And it wasn’t even this group but the largest ones along the front fence. That spot (under the pecan tree) is apparently too shady now because they’ve never shown any inclination to bloom again.

Crinum Gowenii2011-06-30

These flowers were from the same group of bulbs, the smallest of the bunch, which had languished under the front bedroom window next to the rain barrel. I finally rescued them from that unloving spot and moved them into the bog garden. They get more sun there. What caused them to flower was the couple of inches of rain that fell on June 22. Crinums are bog plants and they like wet feet. I haven’t read this elsewhere but I wonder if they are like rainlilies in that in order to flower they have to really dry out between drenchings.

by M Sinclair Stevens

10 Responses to post “Crinum gowenii (maybe)”

  1. From Carol:

    I grow my rainlilies in containers and regularly water them. Now I see why they stop blooming… I’m not letting them dry out occasionally. Crinums — no one here would know what they were if they saw them in a garden.

  2. From Julie:

    what a gift!… well, perception, labor, drought followed by rain. Spider lilies here just bloomed since our downpour too.

  3. From Jenn:

    Hmm. Dry out. That may be why mine in the pond has only attempted to flower once…. Hmmmm….

  4. From Barbara Lamar San Antonio:

    The theory that crinums are like rainlilies explains why my crinums didn’t bloom this year until the rain we had a couple of weeks ago. The crinums did, indeed, bloom at the same time as the rain lilies. So it sounds as though the best place to plant them is with other plants that can take drying out then getting soaked.

  5. From Katherine in Austin:

    I love Crinums- beautiful photos!

  6. From outdoor products:

    Yeah, I didn’t thing drying out some plants would eventually help them to flower once you start watering them again. Good thing I read this post!

  7. From richard uk:

    sitting on my patio glass of red in hand looking at your beautifull photos great blog thankyou

  8. From Jonathan Philippines:

    Beautiful Photos!! I love this plant!

  9. From Carol Watt:

    Bulbs that I plan to plant now include the Summer and fall lilies. I think I will making use of the fine old crinums and the milk-and-wine lily which featuring with strong and upright stems.

  10. From Jenn:

    My pond plants don’t show an inclination to flower – I suspect you are correct in the drying phase. Something to try.