March 16th, 2023
GBBD 202303: Mar 2023

What’s blooming?

Tulipa clusiana and baby blue eyes
  • Commelinantia anomala
  • Consolida ambiqua
  • Coriandrum sativum
  • Engelmannia peristenia (Engelmann daisy)
    First flower opened today.
  • Glandular bipinnatifida (prairie verbena)
  • Hyacinthoides hispanica (Spanish bluebells)
  • Iris (unnamed blue)
  • Lupinus texensis
    full bloom. Trying to go to seed but I keep dead-heading.
  • Nemophila insignis
    just a bit past its prime. Flowers no longer fully open and look a bit droopy
  • Rivina humilis (pigeonberry)
  • rose ‘Blush Noisette’
    covered in flowers now that the pecan tree isn’t shading it
  • rose ‘Solero Vigorosa’
  • Salvia leucantha (Mexican bush sage, purple)
    full bloom
  • Solanum jasminoides (potato vine
  • Tradescantia
    Getting seedy. I’m deadheading some.
  • Tulipa clusiana
    in full bloom this week
  • Viola (in a pot)
    full bloom but I have to constantly deadhead it

by M Sinclair Stevens

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