January 15th, 2010
GBBD 201001: Jan 2010

This space intentionally left blank to illustrate the bleakness.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens invites us to tell her what’s blooming in our gardens on the 15th of each month.

January 2010

Nothing to see here. Austin suffered through three days of our coldest temperatures in two decades and we’re still figuring out what died and what survived. My one new flower for the month, a single Narcissus italicus froze and fell over.

Now it’s raining. And raining and raining and raining. As the only two plants flowering in my garden have “insignificant” flowers (as the botanists say) and they’ve appeared in my GBBD posts before, I’m not going to get cold and wet to get a blurry photograph of them again.

If you want to see true grit and creativity in the face of disaster, hop on over to the The Transplantable Rose where @AnnieinAustin has made a great video of her Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, January 2010.

January 15, 2010

The list of all plants flowering today, January 15, 2010, at Zanthan Gardens.

  • Lonicera fragrantissima
  • rosemary

by M Sinclair Stevens

7 Responses to post “GBBD 201001: Jan 2010”

  1. From Annie in Austin:

    Thank you! But in truth, it was easier to make a music video than to go into the cold garage to pack away the Christmas decorations stacked on the dining room table.
    Your treks to get Christmas tree mulch seem much more intrepid!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. From Linda Lehmusvirta Austin Texas:

    I love it! I’ll be laughing for days. And bleak won’t be here for long.

  3. From Mr. McGregor's Daughter:

    That’s so disappointing. I hope spring is kind to you & your garden.

  4. From Jenny Austin:

    MSS, that is the shortest list I have ever seen you post.

    I think it is my shortest list ever. Even in the drought I had more growing than this. — mss

  5. From Amy/GoAway, I'm Gardening!:

    I know what you mean! LOL
    However, I just wanted to let you know that the Larkspur seeds (that you gave me) are starting to sprout! I am so excited. I’m a newbie… can you tell?

  6. From Susan Tomlinson:

    Nothing to see here, either…and the freezes just keep rolling in.

  7. From angelina:

    Texas really is a state of feast or famine! Your bleak won’t last long. I hope it’s giving you an opportunity to cozy up and drink tea and feel at least a little refreshed before the heat comes back.