July 12th, 2008
Forecast? Bleah!

Austin weather

So much for my resolve to write riveting thought-provoking posts.

by M Sinclair Stevens

20 Responses to post “Forecast? Bleah!”

  1. From Carol, May Dreams Gardens:

    That is quite a forecast. Did I mentioned it rained here, a-g-a-i-n, this morning. We got about 1.5 inches. The vegetable plants look like they had a rough morning, all hung over, and every which way. Now it is humid, and warm, but not HOT.

    Stay cool!

  2. From Mr. McGregor's Daughter:

    It’s also continuing to rain here. We haven’t had much hot weather yet. (Fingers crossed.) I hope you get a break in the heat soon. Maybe the forecast is wrong.

  3. From Lori, Austin TX:

    Oh, crap. I wish I hadn’t blown off watering this morning. Guess I’ll be doing it late tonight instead and hoping nobody notices. ;P

  4. From Cindy, Katy:

    I’ve been trying all day to get motivated to post something. I got as far as taking pictures but the words just won’t come. Instead I find myself entertaining fantasies of trips to cooler climes. Wonder if my friend on Bainbridge Island would like some company?

  5. From bill / prairie point:

    I’ve started running my sprinklers 24/7 in an effort to keep the cactus alive.

  6. From Steve Mudge(Fort Worth):

    Office (in the garage) temp: 96 degs
    Outside in the shade: 102 degs
    Humidity: Brutal
    Pacific Ocean: Priceless

  7. From Leslie:

    Looks like what we’ve had here this past week…and although we’ve had unusually high humidity I think your’s is probably worse. Good luck and keep cool!(inside!)

  8. From Jan, Always Growing:

    Our actual temps are not that high, but the heat index is. Oh, the joys of summer in the south. Is it any wonder we don’t want to work in our gardens right now?

    Always Growing

  9. From Pam/Digging:

    Ugh. So much for writing riveting, thought-provoking comments.

  10. From Eve who lives on the beautiful MS Gulf Coast:

    Our temp is 93 but not too bad with the breeze off the Gulf. Now I’m done. Off to have Ice Cold Tea on the porch and watch my cats for a few mintues.

  11. From Diana Austin:

    Ok. I’ve been put in my place! We’re in Germany on vacation and I am just a little teensy bit whiney about tomorrow’s forecast of 50 and 80% chance of rain while we climb a mountain! You put it all back in perspecive and I’m gonna enjoy the mist on my face and consider it rejuvenation!!!

  12. From Annie in Austin:

    At least you’re posting, MSS – and since mine is the twelfth comment, must be writing something thought provoking!

    My camera needs batteries but I’m too busy watering and adding more mulch to go buy any. Is that a good enough excuse for not writing anything in a week?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. From Jenn:

    “Ugh. So much for writing riveting, thought-provoking comments.”

    Pam, you’ve got me laughing. Perfect!

  14. From One Hot Squirrel:

    squirrel in summer

    Call me when it’s over.

  15. From Nancy, Houston, Texas:

    I feel like that squirrel. So do my plants.

  16. From Leigh, Austin:

    Today, Monday the 14th, it was 105 degrees in beautiful Austin, Tx. In my south Austin garden, we have had just over 1/2 inch of rain in the past two months. We’ve had to turn the drip irrigation on in my shrub beds . . . each and every shrub chosen for drought resistance . . . twice already. The turf grass, what’s left of it, is on its own. Maybe this will be the year it will finally die, saving me the trouble of digging it out.

    I am watering the tomatoes, however.

  17. From Janet (Oxfordshire, UK):

    NOW I don’t miss Texas so much…!


  18. From Layanee:

    Now I feel better about the high 80’s! You did find a bloom and it looks quite…turgid! Stay cool.

  19. From Dee/reddirtramblings:

    I think you’ll like that rudbeckia once it gets established, except it likes heat so much that it wants to take over sometimes. I put it everywhere that’s bad: bad soil, no water, direct, harsh sunlight.

    I’m so sorry about the temps. That’s brutal. We’ve had a great summer this year, but we’ve also had summers like those. Do you have these every year?~~Dee

  20. From Sue:

    With temperatures like that I’m surprised you have the energy to post at all. I think the squirrel just about has it right.