January 22nd, 2006
Divas of the Dirt

“Many hands make light work.” John Heywood (1497-1575)

Fellow Austinite and gardener, Annie, wrote to me about a wonderful idea that she and some like-minded gardening friends have carried out. These Divas of the Dirt get together once a month to do a big garden project in one of their gardens. With eight women working together, a daunting project can be tackled in a day with time for a nice breakfast together first.

As someone who has spent a lot of time struggling through garden projects on my own, often feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, I admire the Diva’s clever approach. I just wish I were as organized and as energetic.

by M Sinclair Stevens

4 Responses to post “Divas of the Dirt”

  1. From M2 (Austin):

    So … does this mean you’re joining the Divas of the Dirt experience?

  2. From mstevens:

    No. It’s an invitation-only group. A space opens up for a new member only when an old member drops out.

    I’m just passing on the idea. Maybe we should start a group of our own.

  3. From Kathy (New York):

    I wish I even knew 8 local gardeners.

  4. From Annie in Austin:

    I can’t believe you linked to us! Thank you so much! Because of Austins’s weather we’re lucky if 7 of us get a turn in a year–that’s the reason for the size limit.

    BTW, didn’t want to confuse anyone: the Diva names are pseudonyms, mostly jokes, and it’s a different person who is called Diva Annie. On the website I am Glinda. [an ex-Illinoisian being the witch of the North seemed funny at the time. What can I say.]

    Good luck with finding other gardeners!

    Annie in Austin