November 24th, 2003
Bush Trashes Queen’s Garden

Unwelcome garden visitors.

He may be a bush, but he doesn’t belong in a garden. I wouldn’t have let him in my garden, with or without helicopters.

Well, we’ve always known he wasn’t the environment president.

* Wild Species Flourish in Buckingham Palace Garden
* Mulberry Tree Collection at Buckingham Palace given provisional National Plant Collection Status by the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens.
* Perhaps Bush should have read The Queen’s Hidden Garden: Buckingham Palace’s Treasury of Wild Plants.

Update: Bush and the Environment
* 2003-12-24. Administration Opens Alaska’s Tongass Forest to Loggers.

by M Sinclair Stevens

2 Responses to post “Bush Trashes Queen’s Garden”

  1. From Michael M (Dallas):

    I was in the environmental field for 15 years and Bush’s record was the best of any governor, bar none, despite the yammerings of the liberals who can’t seem to think any deeper than a bumpersticker.

    Bush instituted the Brownfield’s initiative which has allowed around a thousand sites in Texas to be cleaned up that wouldn’t have been cleaned up under the old regulations. I was responsible for several of those and it’s satisfying to see a site that has been sitting unused and contaminated for 30 years or so to actually be cleaned of toxic wastes in its soil and groundwater.

    Compare that to the federal SuperFund program, which has made trial lawyers fabulously rich yet has had very few environmental success stories.

    If you want to judge a governor and president by their results, then you ought to support Bush. If you want to judge them by how much they “care,” even though nothing ever gets done, then stick with the Democrats.

    Remember that Sudan offered to extradite Osama bin Laden but Clinton refused. Now we’re paying the price for years of incompetency.

  2. From Henry Paris:

    I question Bush’s committment to a green environment based on the current record, and besides even were he an environmentalist, he clearly is also hell-bent on preserving our freedom by burying it in the name of protecting us from terrorists; is it worth losing our Bill of Rights? I think not.