July 19th, 2008
Austin Pond Society Tour 2008, 1

APS Tour 2008Cactus and water mix elegantly in Ray and Jeff’s garden. Jeff is the current president of the Austin Cactus and Succulent Society.

Just a preview post to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Day 1 of the Austin Pond Society’s 2008 pond tour. Central Texans, if you didn’t have a chance to check out ponds today, don’t despair. Wristbands are only $15 and there are 15 more ponds on the tour tomorrow, Sunday July 20th.

If possible, download the map before going because guide booklets were scarce today. The map comes in “groovy” and “uncool” versions. Sunday’s ponds are in north Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Round Rock.

I didn’t get a chance to take a lot of photos today. I spent the afternoon under a huge shade tree at Frank’s garden in Sunset Valley, ticking off visitors as they came in and chatting with C., the daughter of the pond owners next door who were also on the tour. In addition to running into Annie and Philo from The Transplantable Rose, Bob from Gardening at Draco stopped by and introduced himself.

One of my favorite gardens contained “his and her” ponds. Thenell explained that his wife, Deborah, is a plant person. He’s a fish person. Their first pond got so crowded with plants he complained that he couldn’t see the fish. He suggested she remove some plants. She suggested he get his own pond. And that’s how they ended up with two stunning ponds in their back yard. This is “his”–it’s above ground and had many lovely fish. Lots, of plants, too, though, I see.
APS Tour 2008

by M Sinclair Stevens

11 Responses to post “Austin Pond Society Tour 2008, 1”

  1. From Carol, May Dreams Gardens:

    “His” does seem to have a lot of nice plants. What does “hers” look like? A jungle?

    Thanks for the preview!

  2. From Libby:

    The pond-with-goldfish is a beautiful photo; love the composition It looks like a Janet Fish painting or a Japanese print.

  3. From Mother Nature:

    Now that is the way to beat the Texas heat.

  4. From Robin Wedewer:

    I totally have pond envy about “his” pond. And I totally have envy that the Austin people are garden partying with out me. *sniff*

    Gardening Examiner

  5. From Steve Mudge(Fort Worth):

    The pond in the video is inspiring. Now I’ve got to get busy making ours larger!

  6. From Cindy, Katy:

    I’m with Libby, that’s a beautifully composed picture. I do want to see HER pond if this is what he considers fewer plants. I’m hoping that next summer I can make it to Austin for the tour.

  7. From Gail:

    The video tour of the pond was wonderful…I don’t think I would leave my backyard….the soothing sounds would be relaxing. Sometimes his and hers is the best solution! His is a beautiful pond.

  8. From Annie in Austin:

    Philo and I also loved that area of Ray & Jeff’s garden – you got a good photo.
    Too bad the twitter pictures aren’t doing what they should! It was great fun touring with you today.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. From Amy:

    Sounds like a fun tour. I love the story behind the “his and hers” ponds.

  10. From Blackswampgirl Kim:

    That sounds like a really fun tour! And I love the “his and hers” ponds. I think that I might make up a “his garden” area in my yard if my DBF ever decides to bring home a pink rose again… it will still be in my garden, but I can say that it’s his fault! (Er, responsibility. lol.)

  11. From Diana Austin:

    Oh, I’m so sorry I missed it. We’re kinda too far away to catch this one. Loved your narrative of the his and hers ponds. I read it to my husband and we both laughed. We can relate!