August 2nd, 2002

“Once begun is half done.”

I didn’t spend much time in the garden in July. We had enough rain during the first couple of weeks that I didn’t need to spend every morning watering. Then we were away on vacation. Although the garden looked like a jungle before we left, I was unprepared for the explosion of green that greeted us on our return. Other than immediately mowing the lawns, I avoided going into the garden all last week.

Like many of life’s overwhelming tasks, weeding is best tackled a bit at a time, but with consistent effort. I figured that the yard has done allright without me for over a month, so rather than be distracted by the massive amount of work to be done, yesterday I started weeding just one bed.

I worked at it an hour and then quit. Today I did the same on the bed adjoining. A wonderful feeling of accomplishment comes of controlling the weeds in two small spaces. Tomorrow I’ll do another.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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