July 2nd, 2007
Summer Harvest

heirloom tomatoes Zanthan Garden

We made a dinner of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella (from Central Market), salami, and southern burgundy walnut bread (also from Central Market).

The yellow tomato ‘Persimmon’ was the best tomato I’ve ever eaten in my life. It was both tart and tomato-y. The texture was fantastic, almost like a ripe mango (but not stringy). It was all flavorful flesh and very little gelatin.

The ‘Black Krim’ continues to be a disappointment. Two of the five that had ripene. ended up having split without my noticing and were rotten. For the most part they make a very pretty fruit but they seem watery and bland. Neither of us liked ‘Black Krim’ at all and I’ll never grow it again.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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  1. From KAT (California):

    Tomatoes already! I got mine in late and have only harvested a few cherry tomatoes. I have some big fat celebrity tomatoes that the squirrels, the scrub jays, the tree rats, the possum, the raccoons, and I are all eyeing. We’ll see who gets to them first. I’d put good money on it not being me!

    As soon as the tomatoes started to ripen we put up the bird netting. With such a small crop (only two plants) we weren’t taking any chances. Even so, something (probably a raccoon) managed to steal two ‘Black Krim’ the morning I was going to pick them. Then the lizard got caught in the netting. At least we got a few tomatoes but it’s a good think we don’t have to live on what we are able to grow. — mss

  2. From Bonnie (Austin):

    So sorry to hear about the Black Krim as I am growing it now but have not had one ripen yet. I had high hopes for it. And I was really looking for some outstanding flavor from it. Any other tomato recommendations that you have liked with great flavor?

    Great! Now we can compare notes. Maybe yours will turn out completely differently. Currently my favorite tomatoes are ‘Carmello’ and ‘Sungold’. — mss

  3. From Julie (Austin):

    What I love about Zanthan Gardens – that you tell all.

    We get rhapsody – “the best tomato I’ve ever eaten in my life” — and the harder facts of life, too — “watery and bland.”

    I can’t eat good or bad tomatoes anymore but still love reading about all of them.

    AJM thinks I should have named this blog “The Crabby Gardener” for my tendency to see the black cloud in every silver lining. I just hope that people are able to find some humor in my dour outlook on life. The ‘Black Krim’ were a disappointment especially as they looked so yummy. — mss

  4. From Annie in Austin:

    There was so much positive talk about Black Krim last year that we actually looked for that variety, but never found plants. Too bad it didn’t live up to expectations. I’ll try to remember ‘Persimmon’ for next year, M.

    Our few tomatoes aren’t beautiful but still taste better than most store tomatoes. At least we have some decent peppers!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    ‘Black Krim’ is supposed to be really tasty so I’m not sure what went wrong with ours. We tend to like tart and tangy tomatoes; perhaps it appeals to someone with different tastes. Or maybe a little more sun and heat would bring the flavor out. — mss

  5. From Hilary:

    Can you please give us an update on the outdoor playhouse you’re building? I’ve been waiting anxiously for an update. thanks, and I love reading your blog.

    hilary in n.central texas

    I’ve been wondering what’s happening, too. Bad weather in Austin slowed construction and I left the project unfinished when I went to visit family. While I was gone, the workers tripped the circuit and since the sub-panel is indoors, they couldn’t reset it. Without electricity, the project stopped completely. Now AJM is home and that problem has been resolved. The next time I see it, it is supposed to be finished. — mss

  6. From M2 (Seattle):

    Gorgeous. I still don’t like to eat ’em, but those are so pretty I’d be tempted to grow ’em, just to cut them open for the colors. Even your nasty rotten ones on the next post look artful.

  7. From Angelina (Oregon):

    I almost drooled on my keyboard when I saw those pictures. Our tomatoes aren’t even beginning to blush yet. We planted Black Krim too so I hope I like them. Luckily I also planted Caspian Pink which was the single best tomato I ate last year in both my garden and my friend LIsa’s garden.

  8. From Kati (Ontario):

    I’m still looking forward to fresh ripe tomatoes from my own garden, so I was delighted to read about ‘persimmon’. I wonder if any seed suppliers here in Canada will have it available for next year?

  9. From J:

    Not sure what you’re growing climate is but Krim tends to do well in cooler zones. Mine are just ripening now and–despite its reputation for cracking–are flawlessly round orbs of delicious, meaty fruit. If you favor tartness in a tomato then you’re not going to find it in this variety, but i certainly would not call it “bland”. In fact, it is possibly one of the most flavorful of all tomatoes i’ve grown (over 200 to date). One caveat: as with any tomato it greatly depends on the seeds and strain of plant you’ve procured, not to mention climate permutations. I’ve grown absolutely awful brandywines despite that varieties lauded rep, so many variables are involved in harvesting great tasting/looking (if that matters to you) fruit.