August 12th, 2003

In a green shade.

Sometimes it just takes a visit to someone else’s garden to recharge one’s gardening batteries. Of course, a bit rain and cooler temperatures help, too.

Yesterday I visited Val’s garden to give her some clammy-weed seeds and I ended up with all sorts of plants in return: 3 papayas that she grew from seed, an aloe offset, another offset of her yellow and green variegated agave, and some water hyacinth and water lettuce from her ponds.

Val’s yard is mostly in shade. That and her two ponds make it a very inviting spot on a hot August morning. This time of year when my garden has browned under the sun, and I think there’s no point at all in being outdoors, a visit to Val’s garden reopens my eyes to the possibilities. You can visit Val’s garden online by following the links in this post. She’s a whiz with a camera and she’s just got a new digital one so you’ll find lots of photos of plants, animals, and insects on her site.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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