September 18th, 2004
Picture Perfect

Zanthan Gardens 2004-09-18
2004-09-18. The Stump Garden with Oxblood Lilies.

This picture lies. I wish the garden really were as cool and inviting as this picture makes it look. But it isn’t. I took this shot of the oxblood lilies about 10 on Saturday morning. It was only in the mid-80s, but very muggy–the kind of summer weather that makes you retreat inside to a cold lemonade. I had just mown the lawn the night before, and with our rain last week it’s greened up. But the telephoto lens compresses the focus, making tha garden seem more compact and comely than it is.

My neighbor’s yard is a mass of lantana right now and I benefit because the butterflies it attracts wander over to my yard. They seem fond of the garlic chives. I have some lantana, too. But I have too much shade to suit it and it rarely blooms.

by M Sinclair Stevens

2 Responses to post “Picture Perfect”

  1. From Pam Penick (Austin):

    What happened? Are you done blogging? I miss your updates.

  2. From Rantor (Austin):

    Our lantana in the shade blooms, just not as heavily as that in the sun. As soon as the petals fall and before the berries can form, I clip off the tips so that they’re encouraged to bloom again, permitting berries to form only very late in the year, because there are creatures who like them also. Dear Xanthan, we hope all is well in your world and your garden; and we’ve been tempted to say so, not having seen a fresh posting for a month and more . . . Rantor