February 9th, 2008


I gave up seriousness for Lent. Or so I’d like to say. Actually lolweedz is the brainchild of AJM who has been tapped for undergardener duties this weekend because the weather is so nice and there is so much to do in the garden. He screened off the vent that the raccoons were using to slip under the house after ravaging the pond. He built some more mini-planters for the Tulipa clusiana. And he helped me reposition the rain barrel so that it is high enough to drain properly. This left me free all day to weed.

Which of us has not felt, at one time, that the weeds are laughing at us. Laughing maniacally. With temperatures in the 80s in Austin for most of this week, the weeds have burst on the scene: chickweed, henbit, wild onions, and sow thistle. Sometimes I save a little henbit for the butterflies but this year I’m trying to stay on top of the weeds and pulling everything out as soon as I see it.

by M Sinclair Stevens

15 Responses to post “lolweedz”

  1. From Rachel from Austin:


    My weeds are laughing maniacally. To make things worse, I can’t always tell what’s weeds and what’s seeds starting to germinate.

  2. From Carol, May Dreams Gardens:

    My weeds are cold, but they are laughing, most definitely. I should have taken advantage of our little warm up today (mid 40’s!) to weed out some of the henbit that thinks it “owns” the vegetable garden.

    Your picture is hysterical. It would make a great poster for any gardener and serve as motiviation to get out and weed!

  3. From Annie in Austin:

    You’re right, MSS – the weeds are popping up all over but it’s the germinating trees and shrubs [pecan, oak, nandina, ligustrum, etc.] that are a pain to get out right now. Dang tree rats!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. From Kylee:

    Brilliant! I’m ROFLOL here! We have cats. You have weedz. Okay, we have weedz, too.

  5. From entangled:

    Funny! Your weedz are a preview for me. I spent Friday afternoon pulling out some very tiny weedlings.

  6. From Joy, Kingston, Ontario .. Canada:

    The weeds MOCK us all the time .. many of my moments have been a whiplash turn around while digging to catch one of those little blankers laughing at me ! LOL
    Hey .. I did that last year .. hiked that rain barrel up to have a better flow than “drop by drop” .. Sir Issac Newton would have been proud of me !
    For now my barrel is upside down .. frozen on the patio .. I am SO jealous of YOU ! haha
    Joy : )

  7. From M2 in Bothell:

    Oh noes! LOLweedz! <3

    Would mistletoe be ceilingweedz? (Ceilingweedz iz watching u mulch n rake.)

  8. From Pam/Digging (Austin):

    LOL. I was out this morning in fact, pulling flowery senna seedlings that continue to germinate despite the fact that I pulled out the mother plant about 3 years ago. Give up, already!

  9. From Julie:

    I’ve been out scraping, tugging, prying the grass and weeds from cracks in the walkway (well, one walkway, — the others are submerged in weeds and may just have to drown).

    Feng shui around here is more like feng sh*t!

    Glad somebody’s laughing!

  10. From Mr. McGregor's Daughter (Chicagoland):

    I feel like the weeds that come up through the cracks in the pavment are laughing at me because they know I can’t just yank them out. I have to go to the trouble of boiling a kettle of water to douse them. LOL

  11. From Diana - Austin:

    LOL. I have #$%&*@ elm sprouts EVERYWHERE. They are easy to pull out, but there are a gazillion of ’em. And they are laughing in a symphony around here! I’m gonna win over the weedz in the back rock path though, I’m “letting” them get big enough to make pulling easier!!! ha ha ha

  12. From Kathy (New York):

    My weeds are snickering under the snow. They will be the first green thing I see when it melts.

  13. From Lori, Austin TX:


    LOLcats aside, I just wish we’d get some rain so the red clover I overseeded the back lawn with will sprout and bloom before the St. Augustine starts growing again. I haven’t had a huge problem with weeds so far except thistles, which annoy me more than anything else because I have to run and find my gloves to pull them out.

    Yes, where is that rain!?! — mss

  14. From Stuart:

    Yes MSS, mine have gone from a giggle to side-splitting raucous laughter at the moment. Especially in between my paths where I keep putting them off, hoping that one day they might actually just leave off their own accord.

  15. From Jenn:

    My yard is green, green, green with henbit.

    Battle not worth fighting, here.