July 21st, 2005
A Gift from Emily

photo: the meadow
2005-07-20. Last weekend’s thunderstorms brought out the rainlilies.

While the rest of the nation is sweltering under a massive heat wave (pity my parents in Las Vegas which reached its all time record high of 117 yesterday), here in Austin we’ve had a break from the heat. The first two weeks of July felt like August; now it feels like September. Day after day of thunderstorms brought some real rain. We had almost an inch on Friday and another inch on Sunday. Valerie report three inches at her house.

We had friends over on Saturday. You never realize how neglected the garden has become until you see it through someone else’s eyes. I was appalled. So Monday, a relatively cool 90 degree day, I was out weeding and mulching. This was the first time I’ve enjoyed being in the garden in months. The ground was pliable and all the plants, that are still alive, perked up admirably. It almost looks like a garden again.

We got only a trace of rain out of Hurricane Emily, but we did have nice shady day.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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