October 12th, 2008

Hobbes, a cute cat

Hobbes is not my cat. Since he was a kitten he has frequently visited my garden and I enjoy his company. I can’t keep a cat of my own because of AJM’s asthma and allergies. Hobbes does a good job pet subbing–and I don’t have to feed him, clean his litter box, or worry about vet bills. A perfect relationship! All he demands of me is a lot of hugging and scritching.

Hobbes likes to help me transplant my wildflowers. He is also quite fond of hiding in the tall ornamental grasses and pretending to be a grown up tiger. Before sunrise, I often see him lying in wait near the pond, hoping for prey to come to the watering hole.

Typically I don’t post photos of cats. Nor do I follow memes, pass along awards, vote in blog competitions, paint my blog pink, run ads, have dancing flower gifs, or open the page with music box music. But also typically, I don’t follow the rules, not even my own. So, when The Inelegant Gardener decreed October 12, 2008 LAPCPADPOUB (Lets all post cat photos and dire poetry on our blogs) day–I decided I could finally, shamelessly, post an incredibly cute photograph of a cat.

I suspect that such a momentary lapse into cuteness will be interpreted as a sign of the endtimes.

by M Sinclair Stevens

22 Responses to post “LAPCPADPOUB”

  1. From Carol, May Dreams Gardens:

    “…A sign of the end times”. I can hardly breathe I am laughing so hard right now. It does sound like you have a much better relationship with your “borrowed cat” than I do!

  2. From Dee/reddirtramblings:

    ROFL. Oh, MSS, you are a funny girl. I wish I had a cute photo of my cat. I might post. I really might. At least your end times moment isn’t dire.~~Dee

  3. From HappyMouffetard:

    Very proud that you have chosen LAPCPADPOUB day as the exception that breaks the rule! It’s all tongue in cheek, so fits nicely.

    Hobbes is a great cat – love the idea of him waiting by the ‘watering hole’ for the beasts to come…


  4. From Yolanda Elizabet:

    Yep, the world as we know it is about to end! Kewt kittycat MSS. Clever thinking on your part too, to just lease him instead of own him.

    My post is up too but do bring a bucket. You have been warned.

  5. From Nancy Bond:

    An incredibly cute cate, indeed. 🙂 And so protective of your plants!

  6. From Mother Nature's Garden:

    I’m glad you did.

  7. From Mr. McGregor's Daughter:

    A meme even MSS can love! (I would think it was the endtimes, but the Cubs are no longer in contention for the World Series.) I like the cat’s name. It seems to fit him.

  8. From Joy .. Kingston, ON, Canuck Land:

    Incredibly CUTE photo of one gorgeous borrowed cat ! .. never mind .. the fortress walls can go back up tomorrow girl ; )
    That was a winky face by the way .. don’t you just hate THEM too ? hahaha

  9. From Bonnie:

    A cute cuddly animal post at Zanthan? What has this world come to.

  10. From Vertie:

    End of times, indeed. But darn that’s a cute cat.

  11. From Lori, Austin TX:

    Heehee. Hobbes matches the ornamental grass, and it almost looks like he’s brandishing it to shield us mere mortals from his cuteness.

    And I admit that I prefer hosting cats rather than owning them, due to my allergies. There’s a little platform on the back fence from one of the previous owner’s projects, and nearly every sunny day one of the neighborhood cats is up there taking a nap. But I suspect that’s also one of the reasons I have so few birds hanging out in my garden.

  12. From Annie in Austin:

    Little Hobbes won’t save your garden from raccoons, but he’s decorative. Posting photos of my Grand-Cats would have been the only way I could join in this one – think it’s more fun to see cats on your blog and Carol’s.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. From VP:

    I can see why your resolve crumbled for this meme 🙂

    And lo, it’s changed me from a lurker into commenter too 😉

    I managed a couple of entries – lot’s of fun!

  14. From James Alexander-Sinclair:

    I fear that the whole eruption of cute cattery signifies the end of civilisation as we know it: perhaps we should pass over management of all banks to cat obsessives.
    That cat doesn’t want anbody else to have that Miscanthus, does he?

  15. From Frances:

    Hi MSS, your softness for the little tiger is showing through your words about him, in spite of your protests. He is lucky to have a garden to hang in and love the way he is protecting/attacking that grass.


    I’m just a sheep in wolf’s clothing. — mss

  16. From Barbarapc:

    I’m glad I read your blog – had I seen the giant fireball in the sky, I wouldn’t have known why. Hobbes seems to be a highly satisfactory kittie…inspite of being a willing participant in this world-ending kittie posting event.

  17. From jodi:

    I got a HUGE chortle out of this, M, and so sorry I am too that I missed participating in the important LAPCPASPOUB celebration. But I’ve enjoyed tracking those who did. Now I just have to wait to see if the Bay of Fundy parts its waters…

  18. From Pam:


    (Hilarious, and I say this as a regular poster of dire poetry and the ocassional photo of my dogs!).

  19. From Bob Pool:

    A cat, I am appalled and chagrined. You could have posted a picture of a snake instead. Oh, wait a minute, that’s my MO.

    And so unlike me. Here. This is better, isn’t it?
    a snake in the hand

  20. From Katherine in Las Vegas:

    Yes..I was ready to pull the blinds down and search for my blessed candles…

  21. From Jenn:

    Great portrait of HObbes.

    Bob, what snake is that? Looks really cool!

  22. From Angelina:

    Well, you got me laughing!

    I love cats. I love how they insinuate themselves amongst unexpected people. This guy is awefully cute.

    I think he might be like the studly marlboro man to my little kitty Pippa.