January 2nd, 2002
High Country Gardens

Catalog Review: High Country Gardens

I’ve never ordered from High Country Gardens but only because I prefer to get my perennials from a local source. However, if I lived in an area which did not have as many excellent sources of native and xeric plants, I would think that the expense of buying plants throught the mail would be worth it. I always put the catalog aside for someday…someday when I want a specific variety that is not available locally. For example, where else (in America) will you find eight different varieties of lavender?

The 2002 catalog is 80 pages of full-color photographs on glossy paper. Plants are identified by their botanic names and common names.

High Country Gardens is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is much drier, cooler, and higher in elevation than Austin, which is something to consider before buying. Many people think that any desert plant will do well here, but compared to the true western states, Austin is just too humid and they rot. We’re on the line dividing the southern states from the western states. It’s a gamble whether we’re going to have a dry year emulating western climes, or a wet one more suited for southern plants.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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  1. From L D Wilson:

    I have enjoyed going through all your plants and information this morning on line. My garden is under 3-4 ” of snow. But, I have enjoyed dreaming when it will be in bloom again. I am anxious for spring and trying some of your NM plants here in my OHIO Garden. I am 75 years young, and always buy more than I can get planted by myself.