Site Updates

Update: 2016-10-26

Restore WiB. Rebuild WiB from scratch on a new version of WordPress. Import the backup xml. Reenter posts not found in the backup (almost all of 2011). Tweak the theme. All the permalink URLs have changed because I’m using a new naming strategy. Any content from Movable Type that wasn’t migrated in 2008 is not going to be migrated…it’s now obsolete.

Update: 2016-09-30

Discover that the disk drive on our Zanthan server crashed.

Update: 2010-06-20

We move to a new server. Poor, neglected WiB…I never finished migrating my archived Movable Type entries.

Update: 2008-07-06

AJM sets up my redirects so that links to the old MT URLs are redirected to the new WP URLs. This is not a small matter as there is not a one-to-one correspondence. I have re-categorized and reorganized the entire site.

Update: 2008-04-23

Finished migrating posts in the Postcards category. Need to rethink photo size for this layout as the old 320 px width is too small.

Update: 2008-01-22

Finished migrating all the posts related to the kitchen remodeling project to a new category, Kitchen Remodel. Added some new photos and new posts, too.

Update: 2008-01-19

With AJM’s help changed the permalink structure to so-called “pretty links”.

Update: 2007-11-07

AJM has set up Words Into Bytes on WordPress. However, I haven’t migrated the old content yet. I haven’t decided if I will. For now the archives can be found via these links by category. Any posts you linked to in the past should have the same permalink URL. Until I get serious about this migration comments on the archive pages are turned off.

Update: 2002-10-23

Redesigned color scheme based on The Designer’s Guide to Global Color Combinations.

Dateline: 2002-01-01

This is the first entry in a new weblog designed to provide myself and a few friends with a place to write daily–or if not to write, at least to procrastinate in an interesting way by sharing our observations, favorite books and authors, and whatever else comes to mind.

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