The Sustaining Dream

When one works towards and dreams of a thing for a long time, depression always accompanies fulfillment. The dream sustains us, casts an aura, a purpose, a sense of meaning measured by progress toward a goal in our lives. When we find our dream, we at that moment lose it. For how can a reality that lasts an instant compare to the dream of years? And when we lose something that has so long been a part of us, we are at a loss. How to proceed? And if we do proceed, to what? So must we learn to live the life of the dream realized. And how can we do this unless we dream a dream of the goal fulfilled not of the act of fulfilling the goal?

Which is more important, the journey or the destination? We must learn to think about living our life after we arrive at the destination rather than dreaming so much of the moment of arrival.

True adventurers have no dreams or expectations but take what comes.