Three Kings

Three Kings surprised me by being so much more than another action movie. I’ve been tempted to get it on DVD, not only because I liked the movie, but because it has excellent commentary tracks. So reading that Warner Bros pulled the documentary from the new special edition makes me angry. Their reason?

Warner Bros. spokeswoman Barbara Brogliatti said the studio made the decision after seeing the completed documentary, which features interviews with Iraqi refugees and veterans of the current war in Iraq. “This came out to be a documentary that condemns, basically, war,” she told the newspaper. “This is supposed to be a special edition of `Three Kings,’ not a polemic about war.”

The people at Warner Bros. must have never seen Three Kings–it’s a pretty scathing anti-war movie. In the beginning, the Americans view the Gulf War as a big party where they get to blow things up. They don’t understand anything about the politics of the region and can’t distinguish between one Arab or another. As one character rudely puts it, “They’re all just sand-niggers to us.” As the movie progresses and the three main characters are separated from the Americans, they meet individuals who educate them on the real conflict in the Gulf.

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